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Thursday, December 14th 2017:


Land of Mine (Under Sandet)
Land of Mine (Under Sandet)
May 1945, German occupation of Denmark ends. A group of young POW’s are assigned to embittered Army Sgt. Rassmussen, their job is to neutralize and remove some 45,000 landmines the Nazis planted on a local beach. They Survived World War II, now they have to survive the clean-up. Promised that once their work is complete, they will be free to return home, the group are brutalised, starved and subjected to numerous humiliations by the liberated Danes. As Rassmussen begins to recognise the innocence and youth in his charges, he softens to their plight, but can he save them? Based on true events, one of the many untold stories of WWII, this is a tense watch, a look at the inhumanity of war and how people can find our way back from it.

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the forthcoming Academy Awards

“The ethical tension between justice and vengeance is the subject of Martin Zandvliet’s Land of Mine, a tight and suspenseful film.” - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“Will have you on the edge of your seat.” - Hitfix

“...a potent and accomplished feature...” - Denis Harvey, Variety

Director: Martin Zandvliet
Duration: 100 minutes
Language: German & Danish (with English subtitles)
Cert: 15A

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