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Photography Exhibition


Browse our previous artists and their work.

James English RHA

March/ April 2014

James English was born in Naul, County Dublin in 1946. He is widely recognised for his outstanding still-life painting.


Jim Kilgarriff

May/ June 2014

Jim Kilarriff, Rush artist who is constantly inspired by the beautiful coastline of north Fingal.


Maura Taylor Buckley

July/ August 2014

Maura Taylor Buckley is a Dublin painter and draughts-person who studied at the National College of Art and Design. She often exhibits with the RHA.


Dervla O’Flaherty

September/ October 2014

Dervla O'Flaherty is an Irish artist working mainly with paint and wood. Her work explores links between ideas of identity, place and the unknown.


Graphic Studio Gallery – Exhibition of Prints

November/ December 2014

Graphic Studio Dublin & Graphic Studio Gallery were established to provide studios, promote printmaking and to exhibit and sell fine art prints.


Barbara Craig

January/ February 2015

Artist Barbara Craig from Co. Down is known for her striking landscape work; bold paintings often influenced by the weather, of scenes captured in her mind’s eye whilst outside in nature.


Thomas Ryan RHA

March/ April 2015

Thomas Ryan (16 September 1929 – 15 September 2021) was an Irish artist, designer and medallist.


Stephen Nolan

May/ June 2015

Influenced by the Expressionist movements of the pre-war period and the aesthetic of European Fauvism, he employs similar bold colour and expressive form to explore ideas such as life and death, memory and history, architecture and society.


Phil McMenemy, Morgan Paterson & Ted Leeming

July/ August 2015

The natural world forms the basis of inspiration for many of their collaborative images and projects, with dreamlike depictions of land and sea.


Dave West

September/ October 2015

Dave West's paintings cover a broad range from meticulous still life paintings, loose expressive pastel drawings to charcoal and Plein Air (outdoor) painting.


Henry McGrane

November/ December 2015

Henry McGrane is an artist inspired by nature. This is reflected by his many scenes of rural life.


Mary Breach

January/ February 2016

Mary Breach is a Postwar & Contemporary painter who is inspired by land and sea formations.


Local Artists Exhibition

March 2016

Featuring works by local artists Dinah Berrill, Paddy Donaghy, Noel Manning & Siobhan Sweetman.

Balbriggan evening LoRe.jpg

Thomas Breezing

April/ May 2016

Thomas Brezing is a Dublin based multi-disciplinary artist. His choice and use of materials is often intuitive, the product of experiment and improvisation.


Padráig Lynch

June/ July 2016

Padraig Lynch was born in Ardee, Co. Louth. He worked primarily in still life and landscape and exhibited with the RHA and throughout Ireland.


Rebecca Bradley

August/ September 2016

Rebecca Bradley is a Cork based artist. Working mainly in oils, her painting practice explores ideas about landscape, abstraction and place-hood.


Deirdre McCroy

September/ October 2016

Deirdre McCroy specialises in enamelling and printmaking and takes inspiration from patterns in nature, organic material growing and decaying and movement in shapes and colour.


Eimear Tynan

November/ December 2016

Eimear Tynan is a professional Visual Artist originally from Lusk, Co. Dublin. Eimear's works are inspired in part by reimaginings of the mystical landscapes of Renaissance paintings.

Eimear Tynan.jpg

Aidan Flanagan

January/ February 2017

Aidan Flanagan is a self-taught painter/printmaker who specialises in creating paintings and original limited edition prints, mainly of the landscape of Ireland.

Leonard Sexton

March April 2017

Leonard Sexton employs emotionally-charged brushstrokes in his oil paintings to depict the sea, the city and the figure. His paintings take inspiration from the poetic quality of light he sees in the world around him and the joy and the pathos he feels about our shared human experience.

Leonard Sexton.jpg

Myra Jago

August/ September 2017

Myra is a conceptual painter working in oils and making finely detailed works on canvas in her studio in Wicklow, Ireland.


Tina Brooks

October/ November 2017

Tina Brooks is a contemporary landscape painter working oils and acrylics and is based in Co. Sligo.


Sarah Gallagher

December/ January 2017/2018

Sarah Gallagher is an abstract contemporary painter, based between Ireland and Belgium.


Alison O’Grady

January/ February 2018

Alison O’Grady is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and my main passion is drawing and illustration. 


Yanny Petter

March April 2018

Yanny Petters is a botanical portraitist from County Wicklow. She works exclusively from life, either in her studio in Glendarragh, Newtownmountkennedy, or en plein air among her subjects' habitats.


Judy Carroll Deeley

August/ September 2018

Judy Carroll Deeley is a professional artist. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, installation, assemblages, and collaborative projects.


Terry Fitzgerald

October/ November 2018

Terry Fitzgerald is a self-taught watercolour artist based in Co. Louth. Through her watercolours, she tells stories of the hidden beauty of everyday objects and simple expressions of life.


Jim Kilgarriff

December/ January 2018

Jim Kilarriff, Rush artist who is constantly inspired by the beautiful coastline of north Fingal.


John Cullen

February/ March 2019

John Cullen is an Irish artist whose paintings have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally. One of the recurring themes in his art is the constant breaking down of form, then rebuilding or re-painting. Thereby, the work itself becomes a record of failure and improvement.


Sorca O’Farrell

April/ May 2019

Sorca O'Farrell is an award winning landscape artist from Howth, Co. Dublin who's works use a mixture of charcoal & Indian ink.


Catherina Hearne

June/ July 2019

Based in Cork city, Catherina Hearnes' artistic practice encompasses sculpture, installation and painting. 


Raphael Hynes

August/ September 2019

Raphael Hynes' works are concentrated on painting still-life objects from life. He uses simple mathematical ratios to help place the objects within the picture.

Raphael Hynes.jpg

Lorraine Sherry

October/ November 2019

Lorraine Sherry is an Irish painter based in the seaside village of Loughshinny, Co. Dublin who specialises in Plein Air and still life painting with oils. 


Susan Cairns

December/ January 2020

Susan Cairns takes the old, broken, unwanted and often forgotten everyday objects and transforms them into something unique and wonderful.


Margo Banks

February/ March 2020

Margo Banks is an assured, accomplished draughtsperson, painter and sculptor. Through her big and boisterous drawings, Margo tells the many stories of her mother; her childhood, her land and its rich folklore tales.


Dave West

December/ January 2021

Dave's practice covers a broad range from meticulous still life paintings, loose expressive pastel drawings to charcoal and Plein Air (outdoor) painting.

18. Boat Reflections, Balbriggan- Dave West.jpg

Bernadette Madden

February/ March 2021

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Bernadette Madden works mainly in batik (wax resist on linen) and also makes screenprints on paper.


Lelia Henry

April/ May 2021

Lelia Henry is an artist based in Westmeath, working mainly in charcoal and graphite. Her concern for the loss of the natural world drives her to create meticulously rendered drawings, through which, she asks us to re examine our connection to the ordinary, everyday aspects of our immediate environment.


Paul MacCormaic

April/ May 2021

Paul MacCormaic is a contemporary artist based in Dublin, Ireland, whose main source of concepts is everyday life.

Paul McCormaic.jpg

Brian Gallagher

June/ July 2021

Brian Gallagher is an award winning Illustrator and his work has appeared in all areas of design including magazines, newspapers, book publishing, advertising & museum design. 

Brian-Gallagher-donation piece.jpg

Isabella Gaborit

August/ September 2021

Isabella Gaborit is a former member of Artspace in Galway and G126. In her work , she explores themes of complexity, memory, and sensory experience enhanced through layers of photography, beeswax and paint.

Isabella Gaborit.jpg

Cormac Dennis

October/ November 2021

Cormac Dennis is an artist from Rush, Co Dublin who seeks to capture the expansive ever changing skies and a coastline that is constantly battered by the forces of nature.

3. Autumn Reflections, Pastel, 12 X 9 ins.€645.jpeg

Beatrice O’Connell

December/ January 2021/2022

Beatrice O’Connell focuses on the relationship between nature and culture in her multidisciplinary practice that encompasses painting, drawing, animation and video.

Dusty Moth 18X24cm Oil on Board €500 Framed.JPG

Eileen McNulty

February/ March 2022

Eileen McNulty is an Irish Artist inspired by the Island of Ireland. Her signature style brings the landscape alive with unique contemporary Textile Art.

18 Icy Sky.jpg

Nicola Lynch Morrin

April/ May 2022

Nicola Lynch Morrin is an award winning painter and printmaker. Her flower portraits, mysterious and evocative, push the boundaries of botanical art.

NICOLA LYNCH MORRIN IMAGE Inside my Dreams....jpeg

Peadar McDaid

June/ July 2022

Peadar McDaid is inspired by the everyday life that revolves around him, people, nature, the environment and the ever changing landscape of his home county of Donegal and elsewhere, throughout the province of Ulster.

- Coastal  Tide 2 11x7 €120.jpg

Uisce A. Jakubczyk

August/ September 2022

Uisce is a weaver, a self-taught embroiderer and fibre arts teacher. The inspiration for each piece comes from the artist’s everyday life and varies from physical observation, psychological sensation and feelings, transformed into visual art works.

UISCE ART - Silencing Eden.JPG

Derval Freeman

October/ January 2022/ 2023

Derval Freeman's painting style is abstract expressionism and her work is inspired by nature, cosmic events and the cycle of life in every living thing.

The Great Silence in an Endless Space.jpg

Denise Hussey

February/ March 2023

Denise Hussey is an Irish artist from Dublin. Her work is inspired by that which surrounds her during a period of work and so one might conclude that this accounts for the dynamic and versatile aspects of her art.

Bin Day  Acrylic On Paper 55 X 73 cm €395.jpg

Josephine Geaney

April/ May 2023

Josephine Geaney is a visual artist working mainly with the medium of cold wax and oil paint using many tools to apply the paint such as squeegees ,brushes, household utensils and her own personal favourite her hands which she feels gives a looser, fluid and immediate application to the surface. 

20. Mystical Land. oil and cold wax on linen. 60x80cm.JPG

Local Artists Exhibition

June 2023

The Boathouse Painters are a Co-Op Arts Group based in Fingal, Co. Dublin. They originally formed in 2018 as a Plein-Air painting group in response to the need for a creative outlet for the many artists living and 
working in the Fingal Area.    

Noel Manning, Willy Plays For Paul And Linda Heiton 5, Pen Ink Wash, €450.jpg

Kayla Martell

July 2023

Kayla loves bringing to life the spirit and beauty of every day things on the canvas and each painting is a little conversation between her and those special characters.  Kayla’s paintings focus on maintaining dynamic and expressive brushwork.

The Lovers - 45x35cm - kmmartell - oil on canvas-845euro.jpg

Vaida Varnagiene

October 2023

Vaida Varnagiene is a visual artist who uses a wide range of mediums to explore themes of identity, belonging and memory. To bring her ideas to life, she combines fine art printmaking, painting, sculpture, and photography. Vaida expresses deep emotions and ideas in different ways through the use of multiple different mediums and techniques.    


Clare O'Connor

December 2023

Clare O’Connor is an award winning multidisciplinary Artist & Designer. Her playful Intuitive paintings use a dynamic interplay of organic & organized forms, complimentary & contrasting colour, stripes & mark making.

NavigatingTheLabyrinthSeries_AcrylicCollageResin on MDF_29.5x25.5cm_Number19 €350.jpg

Stephen Wylie

February 2024

Stephen Wylie's exhibition 'Timeworn' at the Séamus Ennis Arts Center. A body of works exploring impermanence and transition. Stephen is inspired by quiet rural spaces, small landmarks and seams of wildernes. Taking the viewer through field and shore, he defines an atmosphere of the overlooked and changing places of Fingal.  

Birders shanty Portrane 18x13cm €290.jpg

Ken Browne

April 2024

Ken Browne is a painter who lives and works in  Kells Co,Meath Ireland. His paintings are meticulously crafted abstract pieces that are influenced by an array of landscapes throughout Ireland. These are not specific landscapes but a synthesis of natural scenes that the artist has beheld in the past and which have left an indelible mark on his imagination.

As The Wind Blows 80cm x80cm  Mixed Media on Board €2800.jpg

Margo Banks

May 2024

Margo’s work in both drawing and paining is greatly influenced by a spiritual link to ‘her mother’s place’, as expressed in her landscape work and her drawings and paintings of wild animals.  Margo in particular uses the hare and the crow in her drawings and paintings in a semi-abstract motif, linking to the wild Kerry landscape.   Margo has exhibited widely across Ireland and her paintings can be found in homes throughout Europe.

Three Young Wolves 70x100cm Mixed Media on Paper  Price €1,600.jpg
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