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The Seamus Ennis Art Centre Presents:

'Unseen City'



Vaida Varnagiene is a visual artist who uses a wide range of mediums to explore themes of identity, belonging and memory. To bring her ideas to life, she combines fine art printmaking, painting, sculpture, and photography. Vaida expresses deep emotions and ideas in different ways through the use of multiple different mediums and techniques.


Some of the artist's main inspirations for this series came from theories by Immanuel Kant, Michel Foucault's Space-non-space (Heterotopias), and Edward Soja’s Spatial concept. Vaida’s ideas are shaped with a focus on an ongoing investigation of what a city might look like or how it might reflect the contemporary world. The city is the labyrinth of life, philosophy, and time, a mysterious place where something is happening all the time. She is diving deep, looking for existentialist questions about our own city that might be invisible to the naked eye.

UNSEEN CITY is a new way of exploration through colour and architecture. Through simple shapes and designs that are filled with a rich palette of primary and secondary colours. Bright colours in our cities make people happier and more creative. Colourful houses always stand out and prove that the colourful urban experience can always be more pleasurable. It’s the colour that makes ordinary places extraordinary. With bright colours, any city becomes a happier place.


The use of colours and a variety of media helps Vaida explore broader ideas of displacement. The search for a ‘sense of place’ in an increasingly globalised world. Her works often depict urban landscapes, capturing the unique atmosphere and essence of different cities around the world. Vaida explores the idea of how our personal and cultural identities are shaped by the spaces we inhabit.  

This exhibition will run from 2nd October – 30th November 2023

This exhibition can be viewed online or in our Easter Snow Gallery open Monday-Friday 10-4.00 p.m. or by appointment at weekends.  To make an appointment contact Colette on 087 9697054 or email:

Camden Row_acrylic painting_50x50cm_1000Euro_Vaida Varnagiene.jpg

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'Unseen City'


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