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Three Young Wolves 70x100cm Mixed Media on Paper  Price €1,600.jpg

The Seamus Ennis Art Centre Presents:



Margo Banks has been painting since she was quite young and attended many art classes.  In her late teens, she moved to Spain and continued painting.  While Margo is from Dublin, her mother from West Kerry imbued in her, as a child, a sense of the place from which she came.  Thus Margo’s work in both drawing and painting is greatly influenced by a spiritual link to ‘her mother’s place’, as expressed in her landscape work and her drawings and paintings of wild animals.  Margo in particular uses the hare and the crow in her drawings and paintings in a semi-abstract motif, linking to the wild Kerry landscape.   Margo has exhibited widely across Ireland and her paintings can be found in homes throughout Europe.

The crows, hares, and other animals in my work are silent witnesses to changes in the landscape of Teeromoyle, a remote mountain region in Southwest Kerry – my mother’s place.


My mother died quite young, but she reared me on stories about her childhood in the mountains. Her past is my past, and family and a sense of place have long haunted my work. My mother’s parents’ house is long gone but the field where the house was, remains. I visit this field often and it frequently features in my work. Painting the field sometimes makes me feel comfortable, warm, and sheltered and other times exposed, vulnerable, and turbulent. I often feel I am excavating layers of memory from the earth of the field when adding layers of paint to paper.


This is my subject matter, not the meaning of my paintings.


This exhibition will be on show in our Easter Snow Gallery from 31st May - 15th July

This exhibition can be viewed online or in our Easter Snow Gallery open daily from 10-4.00 p.m. To make an enquiry, please contact Colette on 087 9697054 or email:

Three Young Wolves 70x100cm Mixed Media on Paper  Price €1,600.jpg

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