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Shadow's Falling 118cm x 118cm  Mixed Media on Canvas   €3,800.jpg

The Seamus Ennis Art Centre Presents:


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Ken Browne is a painter who lives and works in  Kells Co,Meath Ireland. His paintings are meticulously crafted abstract pieces that are influenced by an array of landscapes throughout Ireland. These are not specific landscapes but a synthesis of natural scenes that the artist has beheld in the past and which have left an indelible mark on his imagination.

 “Through my work I try to create a sense of place without a specific location in mind. A process of layering invokes the elements of land, sea and sky. Derived from memory and emotions I am bringing them back together in my paintings, holding on to the chance accidents and spontaneous marks which are integral to my technique  without losing the overall compositional intention, I balance between habitual mark making and recognising happy accidents when they occur.

This process of layering is not only physical – there is a darker edge to my paintings, a deeper meaning that lurks in the shadows. They are not only abstract landscapes but “inscapes”, bringing the outside and inside world together, merging places with emotions and letting the viewer follow me on my emotional journey while experiencing their own that is what my art is about.”
 Ken Browne


This exhibition will be on show in our Easter Snow Gallery from 2nd April - 28th May 2024.

This exhibition can be viewed online or in our Easter Snow Gallery open daily from 10-4.00 p.m. To make an enquiry, please contact Colette on 087 9697054 or email:

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