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Return To Dust

We are excited to bring the multi award winning film ‘Return to Dust’ to the TSEAC cinema and if you haven’t heard anything about this film, then keep reading …

While Return to Dust is a small, arthouse film, it proved a surprise commercial success in its native China on release - topping the box office in early September 2022, only two months after its initial release. It won praise for its honest, grounded portrayal of rural China and the people living there. However, the film then became a target for local censors, with authorities changing the film’s ending in mid-September. The film was subsequently pulled entirely from Chinese cinema screens and streaming services by the end of September, and all discussion of the film was heavily censored on social media sites.

We will be showing the ORIGINAL version of this film.

Return to Dust is a thought provoking and powerful tale that does not shy away from portraying the harsh reality of life in rural China. This is a story of resilience, affection, determination and is certainly not one to be missed!

For more information and early bird tickets, click below:

See you at the show!

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