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Get ready for an electrifying evening!

Join us under the star-studded Irish sky for a captivating concert that will set your heart racing and your toes tapping!

NOTIFY, the trailblazers of Irish music, are teaming up with the spellbinding Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh to create an unforgettable fusion of tradition and innovation. Picture it: the haunting notes of the flute weaving through the air, the concertina’s rhythmic pulse, the fiddle’s fiery melodies, and the drums driving the beat. And that’s just the beginning!

Meet the Band:

  • Pádraig Rynne on the concertina, conjuring ancient magic.

  • Tara Breen, the fiddler extraordinaire, spinning tales with every bow stroke.

  • Davie Ryan, the heartbeat of the band, infusing raw energy into the rhythm.

  • Rory McCarthy, the piano maestro, tickling the ivories with finesse.

  • Adam Taylor, the bass virtuoso, laying down grooves that’ll make your soul dance.

  • And Hugh Dillon, the guitar wizard, strumming both acoustic and electric strings like a musical sorcerer.

But wait, there’s more! As if an exciting and refreshing twist on traditional Irish music set in a culture rich, historical setting wasn’t enough, our audience can also indulge in a mouth-watering BBQ feast. Sizzle, smoke, and succulent flavours await! And for those who crave a little liquid magic, our full bar will keep the spirits high throughout the show.

So mark your calendars, rally your friends, and prepare for an evening that’ll leave you humming tunes long after the last note fades.

We can't wait to welcome you along!

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