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Exclusive Guitar Workshop with Sarah McQuaid

If your new year’s resolution is to dust off the guitar strings and get back into the musical vibe, then you are in luck as The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre is excited to host this amazing Guitar workshop by Sarah McQuaid!

Described by The Irish Times as “a godsend to aspiring traditional guitarists,” Sarah McQuaid’s ‘The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book’ has become the standard reference on the subject.

Topics covered in the workshop include basic chord shapes in DADGAD, the capo and its uses, backing guitar styles, chord patterns and an overview of the modes (Mixolydian, Dorian, etc.) that are typical of traditional tunes and songs.

By way of illustration, Sarah will teach participants to accompany a song in DADGAD, including a simple instrumental break, and will then “take apart” another song, demonstrating how different patterns and variations can be introduced to make the accompaniment more interesting for the listener.

Handouts with lyrics, tablature and chord diagrams are included in the workshop fee.

To book an early bird place in this one-time class, then please click the link below:

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