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These passage graves are decorated with abstract art and bear the earliest depiction of a (possible) human face found in prehistoric art in Ireland. Three earthen mounds were excavated by the National Museum in 1950-1952. One covered a passage grave to crucification plan, with decorated uprights and lintels resembling the Newgrance designs but also links with megalithic art in north west Wales.

The contents of this tomb were intact and so the results were of immense importance and value to students of the megalithic period in Ireland and the world. The contents found were of great importance with fragmentary human remains representing dozens of bodies of all ages and sexes. These were accompanied by grave offerings (stone beads and miniature hammer pendants, bone pins etc.) in the three side chambers.


The key for the entrance door to Fourknocks Passage Tomb can be obtained from the White family (phone: +353 (0) 1 8354722) before 6pm, who lives over a mile from the Tomb . Directions are signposted from Fourknocks.

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