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Sonnets & Spits: A Midsummer Night’s Feast!

Gather 'round, ye merry folk, for we have a tale to weave—a tale of moonlit mischief, star-crossed lovers, and a feast fit for the gods!


This midsummer night we are delighted to present an exclusive adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.


Designed exclusively for the TSEAC stage, this Shakesperiance will see our courtyard transform into an ethereal wonderland where fairies flit, lovers pine and mischief brews. With a mix of sketch show madness, and a little bit of audience participation thrown in, this interactive performance will showcase some of the most famous sonnets, funniest exchanges and craziest characters from this classic Shakespearian tale.


As if an exclusive theatre performance wasn’t enough, we are taking this to a whole new level and offering our guests a medieval banquet fit for a king.


So, to feast or not to feast? That is the question.


For €35.00 you can enjoy a feast that has come straight from the farm to the plate. This includes a delicious slow roasted hog served with Bramley Apple Sauce & Hickory BBQ Sauce, sage & onion stuffing and crispy crackling served with a choice of ciabatta and brioche buns.


If you don’t want to go the whole hog, then fear not, we do have a vegetarian option available which will include a delicious Thai vegetarian curry with coconut basmati rice.


This is going to be a truly enchanting evening that will be available to see for one night only and we can’t wait to welcome you all along!


Tickets are limited so grab them while you can on the link below:

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