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Mick Hanly LIVE at TSEAC!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of renowned singer and composer Mick Hanly on Friday 31st March.

Mick will be performing songs from his new album ‘Marathon’ in our TSEAC theatre, and we just know that this intimate setting is going to cause this gig to be a hair-raising event!

Mick Hanly is one of Ireland’s finest singer/songwriters whose performances perfectly marry brilliant guitar with sensitively written lyrics, to create his renowned yet fresh take on traditional Irish music.

Mick has played many big stages throughout Ireland and the EU including RTÉ and is best known for composing the song ‘Past the Point of Rescue’ which was first covered by Mary Black.

If your looking to be completely immersed in the true style of Irish culture, then look no further than this one! Music that tells a story, sound that gives you goosebumps and all under the roof of our traditional thatched cottage theatre – what’s not to love!

We anticipate that this gig will sell out fast so be sure to grab your tickets using the link below:

See you all at the show!

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