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Harvest Food Fair


Runs From: 11:00 - 16:00

TSEAC are delighted to announce this years Harvest Food Fair on Sunday 29th September and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than surrounded by tasty treats amongst the backdrop of rolling hills and cosy cottages.

Close your eyes and breathe in. The air is alive with tantalizing fragrances. Imagine the warmth of spiced apple tarts wafting from the bakery stall, the smoky notes of roasted sweetcorn, and the comforting scent of farmhouse cheeses. Each vendor beckons with their seasonal delights, promising a taste of Ireland’s countryside magic.

Stalls line the courtyard, their tables laden with artisan treasures. Here, local farmers display their harvest bounty: plump pumpkins, heirloom apples, and bundles of kale fresh from the fields. Artisanal cheeses from nearby dairies sit next to crusty loaves of soda bread. Don’t miss the honey stand, were golden jars glisten like liquid sunshine.

So, my dear foodie, take a sip of that spiced apple cider, savour a slice of farmhouse cheese, and let the flavours of fresh harvest produce dance on your tongue at our TSEAC Harvest Food Fair.

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