The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Saturday, July 4th 2020:


Singing Session with Special Guest, Ian Lynch

Special guest Ian Lynch features in the 2nd of our series of online traditional singing sessions, hosted on Zoom and streamed live online.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and necessary social distancing measures, we invite traditional singers to join a Zoom conference call to share songs from the comfort of ones own home anywhere in the world. The sessions will take place in monthly instalments on the first Saturday of the month from June to September and will feature songs 'from the floor' and from an invited guest singer.

Ian Lynch is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Northside of Dublin. Up until the lockdown he was busy performing with the band Lankum. Since March he has been keeping himself busy working on his monthly radio show ‘Fire Draw Near’ as well as a Youtube series called ‘Songs from the Craic Pipe’.

Our host is Macdara Yeates, a traditional singer, composer and producer from Dublin. Macdara has toured internationally both as a solo artist and with folk ensemble Skipper’s Alley, collaborated with award-winning theatre companies THEATREclub and Mouth on Fire, and produced work in association with Aiken Promotions, The St. Patrick's Festival, The Dublin Port Company and more. Macdara is a founding member of The Night Before Larry Got Stretched, a collective of traditional singers running regular events, with a particular emphasis on the dissemination of traditional song among young people.

To take part, you will need either a mobile phone with a camera or a computer with a webcam. You will also need to create a free account with Zoom and/or download the Zoom app. Please visit to set up and download the relevant software. 

For those wishing to view the session, the live stream will be viewable on our YouTube Channel: and our Facebook Page: 

For those wishing to sing and take part, please register your details free at the Buy Tickets link below (via Ticketsolve) and we will forward you all relevant details in time for the session:

Please note that time is limited in each session and it may not be possible to get to everyone.

If you have any queries, please contact us on

In the meantime, stock up on your beverage of choice, dust off your songs and we will see you then.

Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: FREE

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