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Sat, Oct 19th 2019 to Sat, Oct 19th 2019:


National Harp Day
National Harp Day
Have you always wanted to play the harp? Would you like to hear, learn more about and even play the ancient instrument of Ireland? If so, now’s your chance at this early Irish harp Discovery Day!

“The early Irish harp is rather different to its nylon-strung, modern counterpart so we’re excited to share the rare sound of the ancient instrument” says Historical Harp Society of Ireland director, Siobhán Armstrong. “This was the kind of harp played by Carolan and others, long ago, but the unforgettable sound of its brass-wire strings is only now being rediscovered once more. Though everyone is familiar with the medieval harp image on the Euro coin and a certain brand of beer, the chance to actually see, hear§r and play the instrument is unfortunately all too rare.”
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