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Thursday, November 23rd 2017:


Twice Shy
Twice Shy
This Irish independent film is a heartfelt, funny and engaging look at the journey of a young couple, Andy (Shane Murray-Corcoran) and Maggie (Iseult Casey), as they travel to England due to an unplanned pregnancy. Their story is illustrated through a series of flashbacks which chronicle a very Irish romance: conversations about the Leaving Cert, the big Debs night and their first holiday.

The topical subject matter here is dealt with gently, rooted in the evolving relationship of the couple; there is the reassuring feeling that you have met these two characters before in your every-day life.

Pat Shortt and Ardal O’Hanlon put in wonderful performances as the respective fathers under Tom Ryan’s well considered and honest direction. A Tipperary native himself, we can see the power of creating what you know at work here. Twice Shy is consistently believable and truthful. A subtle and intimate look at a young couple’s journey in modern Ireland, we are reminded of how interesting every day human stories can be and what talent this country has to offer.

“Abortion is the word that sends every Irish politician running madly for the nearest hedge, but sooner or later this complex matter will have to be addressed. At least film-makers are doing so, and Tom Ryan's ‘Twice Shy’ approaches the subject sensitively and intelligently, through the medium of romantic comedy... Twice Shy is a little gem.” - The Independent

Director: Tom Ryan
Duration: 81 minutes
Language: English
Cert: 16

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