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Vixen at TSEAC.IE 2024.png



Doors Open: 20:00
Show Starts: 20:30

Angie, mischevious and fun loving, reflects on her life as “the other woman” ,delighting the audience with her scandalous tale!

VIXEN, written by Helen Casey and performed by Rose Henderson, is a compelling psychological drama of one woman’s resilience, determination and desperation to name the love that was hers, but belonged to another. Both haunting and mesmerizing, it is a visceral exploration of love, unspoken loss and uncomfortable truths. As we are drawn further into Angie’s world, the emotional rollercoaster plunges from the frothy highs to a much darker terrain filled with suspense and a gnawing grief. Tis better to have loved and lost…or is it?

It is the first anniversary of Martin’s death. Angie’s lover. His family has come to visit his grave. Angie watches the mourners from the safety of her car, hidden under the Yew tree. She remains unseen, her own grief buried deep within. She remembers the foxes, appearing in formation like a string of ugly thoughts…..

Play By: Helen Casey

Directed By: Caroline FitzGerald

Starring: Rose Henderson

Set Design by: Martin Cahill

Sound Design by: Neil Handly

‘Presented in association with Age & Opportunity as part of the nationwide Bealtaine festival – celebrating the arts and creativity as we age.’

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