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The Artist's Way Workshop


Doors Open: 14:00
Class Starts: 14:30
Workshop Duration: 2 hrs

More Details: This event is an indoor workshop event set in the cosy TSEAC theatre. Ouoffee shop will be open with a selection of drinks and snacks available.

The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron is a self-help book which was written to help people with artistic creative recovery.  It teaches techniques and exercises to assist people in gaining self-confidence in harnessing their creative talents and skills.


This two hour workshop will involve some mindfulness and meditation to ground and set intentions,  on what they dream their life to be, followed by a description of the creative process and how the Artists' Way works in stimulating the creative juices.  You will then take part in a grounding movement and music exercise before creating a collage with materials provided.  The workshop will end with a meditation/Shamanic Journey guided by our facilitator.

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