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Pray For Our Sinners


- Screen Daily

“…takes your breath away”

- POV Magazine

“Heart wrenching”

- Seventh Row


Doors Open: 20:00
Show Starts: 20:30

In this arresting mixture of personal storytelling and political exposé, filmmaker Sinead O’Shea returns to her small Irish hometown to scrutinize the recent history of the Catholic Church’s pervasive abuse and neglect—and shine a light on the very few who managed to fight back. Delving into the institution of “mother and baby homes”—where unwed women were sent to give birth, many of whom died—and the widespread practice of corporal punishment in schools, O’Shea paints a staggering portrait of Irish life, which caused irreparable harm to women and children into the early 1990s. Elegantly mixing archival footage with heartbreaking interviews, the film also offers uplifting profiles in courage of unsung activists who worked to mitigate the damage and affect change. At a time when women’s rights are under assault around the world, Pray For Our Sinners is an at once sobering and empowering story about oppression and resistance. – Chicago Film Festival


Through the stories of everyday citizens resisting the status quo, PRAY FOR OUR SINNERS the new documentary from filmmaker and journalist, Sinéad O'Shea confronts Ireland's recent history of brutality against children and women from corporal punishment to state-sanctioned mother and baby homes. O'Shea returns to her hometown in rural Ireland to explore the control the Catholic church held there until recent years and uncovers the gentle but extraordinary figures who chose to resist. This is a portrait of genuine bravery, hope and love. – Dogwoof Films

“A quietly devastating exposé” - Vox

“An excellent demonstration of how the personal is political.” - Critics Notebook

Festivals & Awards:

Winner - Best Documentary at Hamptons International Documentary

Director: Sinéad O'Shea

Written By: Sinéad O'Shea

Film Runtime: 112mins

Cert: 12A 

Genre:  Documentary

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