The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Cottage Café

The Cottage Café at the SEAC is currently open

Tuesday to Sunday, 10am - 3pm for takeaway

 offering a small but delicious menu and some very limited outdoor seating.

Late opening is in conjunction with most SEAC events, serving a range of evening meals and wine menu.

For further information and to order/book,

please call The Cottage Café directly on


All day menu includes:
Full Irish Breakfast
Sandwiches made to order
Home-made Soups
Gourmet Coffee
Speciality Teas
Juices & Smoothies
Organic, Gluten Free and Dairy Free products also available
Lunch Specials include:
Cottage Pie
Baked Potatoes
Fish Pie,
Marinated Chicken Breasts
Spicy Salmon Fillets
Lasagnes & Cold Meats
All served with a selection of delicious salads & homemade breads
Evening Specials include:
Lamb Shanks
Beef Bourguignon
Braised Steak
Fresh Fish
Roast Chicken
Cold Meat & Cheese Plates
Full Wine Menu Available
Proprietor: John Dunne
For inquiries, please call: 01-8419005

Last updated on Saturday, June 27th 2020

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