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Week 29 features artist Rebecca Bradley who exhibited in our Easter Snow Gallery in 2016.

“My solo exhibition at the Seamus Arts Ennis Centre in 2016, came soon after completing an MA in fine art at CIT Crawford college of art in Cork. Since then I have continued to exhibit and develop my practice. With exhibitions in Greece, Romania, U.K., and Ireland as well as inclusion in collections in Rome, the United States and Latvia my international profile has really opened up and allowed me to travel for ongoing research and to meet new audiences. In 2017 I also published a small collaborative book with, the writer/poet, Sarah Hayden.
Last October I was delighted to have been selected for an international residency at the Mark Rothko Art Center in Latvia. This was an amazing experience where through a process of research, collaboration and networking, in a supportive environment I was able to make new work and take a step back from my day to day studio life in Ireland. Meeting and working with other international abstract painters in this incredible and inspiring place allowed me the space to explore and refine ideas around abstraction and landscape and to share and gain insights into the cultural and geographic basis of a variety of artistic practices.
I am currently exhibiting paintings in ‘Stories From Lismore and Beyond’ at Lismore Castle Arts in County Waterford and in ‘Memory Edits’ at Sternview Gallery, in Cork City.”

“The landscapes that impress on me can be as fleeting as a view from a train or image on my phone, or as familiar as a well-worn path in my garden. The process of painting hones my memories of certain places. Somewhere I have been or perhaps only glimpsed in passing, can be picked apart and scrutinised close up, in fickle memories to be reconstituted in paint later in the studio. A fugitive impulse compels me to react after the event, to collect light, colour, weather, form and space impressions for processing after.
My paintings hover somewhere between abstraction and reality; places are rendered visually less familiar resulting from a deliberation over place, and time that has been teased and interrogated in paint. The taking apart and building back up, implicit in memory making is articulated, perhaps in a brushstroke or a colour. The work becomes as much about the act of remembering as it is about the physical place it is inspired by.” Rebecca Bradley