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Week 24 of Open To Art features Lorraine Sherry.

Loughshinny resident Lorraine Sheery had her solo exhibition in 2019 in our Easter Snow Gallery. It compromised of plein air landscapes and still life. Lorraine is an emerging painter and took up oil painting five years ago, attending the workshops of Dave West. Lorraine works full time in RTÉ on various documentaries, specialising in lighting and photography.

"Since lockdown, all my energy has been diverted away from the creative process, and very much on the practical. All through lockdown, I have been travelling to RTÉ by car, as I need to be on site due to the various equipment and software I use. Prior to lockdown, I had travelled to work by train and would often sketch ‘people on the train’. These were 10 minute quick sketches in a pocket notebook (see attached). A number of us rail travellers were sketching on our work journeys and found it very meditative; we would post our sketches under the hash tag of #dartist on instagram. I haven’t been on the train since March and really miss that practise of guerrilla sketching.

For the past few months, my spare energy and time has gone into renovating and refreshing the house, jobs I have put on the long finger for far too long. It’s an ideal time to pull the house asunder and reorganise when visitors are not coming to your home, plus the weather is ideally warm ~ (I can’t say totally dry).

My best project during this entire time has been the addition of a new studio in my garden. Up until now I have painted in the kitchen and have found it stressful and exhausting, between packing all my equipment up and down and it being a shared space where I was also running a house and kitchen. Now, I can escape to the garden and have my own creative space.
I’m really looking forward to settling into my new studio in the winter months, to study and develop my painting technique.
Now that I have painted every square inch of the house, I am really looking forward to getting back to the canvas". Lorraine