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The 19th artist featured in Open To Art is Alison O'Grady who exhibited at TSEAC in 2018. Alison is an illustrator, graphic designer and art educator.

“Since exhibiting at Easter Snow Art Gallery, I continued teaching full time in art education at an international secondary school in Dubai and hosting weekly sketching meet-ups with Sketchbound. During lockdown, when I finished on-online teaching for the day, I commenced working on a series of paintings and drawings of my home town, and locations around Ireland that I enjoy visiting when I am home. While immersed in my personal practice, I was inspired by portraits of frontline workers I saw online, so I decided to revisit portrait drawing myself and drew a portrait of my cousin Cliodhna. Since then, I have commenced a series of portraits, more of which are frontline workers. When the academic year is over I look forward to having the time to fully commit to my practice.”

From 1984 to 1989, O'Grady attended Balbriggan Community College and is a past pupil of Michael Lodge. She continued her studies and holds qualifications in Design and Art Education. Since 2007, O'Grady has taught art, locally, nationally and internationally. Presently, she teaches art in Manama, Bahrain. O'Grady's work is primarily the result of her desire to draw and sketch; it is both a discipline and a passion. She is not confined to one subject area, preferring to vary her work and media to express emotion and capture moments in time.

Alison O’Grady divides her time between Ireland and United Arab Emirates. She is an illustrator, graphic designer and art educator. Alison is also founder of sketching group Sketchbound.

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