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Our 16th artist featured in our Open To Art series is Sarah Gallagher. Sarah exhibited in The Easter Snow Gallery in 2017.

Sarah Gallagher lives in Howth, Co Dublin, where she works from her home studio. Her work explores colour in nature, its mood and lines.
“My current work gathered inspiration from the Artist Sorolla. My paintings capture ‘awe’ moments of light dappling on streets, walls, hedges. I love how light creates mood and shapes. The shadow and blue skies create a rest for the eye, in their blocks of colour.
In composition I am interested in the vertical and horizontal balance in nature and or in architecture. All combining to recreate the jigsaw of light ,linear lines and shape for the eye to assemble.” - Sarah Gallagher

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact Colette via e-mail: or phone (087) 9697054.

Paintings are all oil on canvas.

1 . Moorings, Howth Harbour sold
2. Around the bend 40x40 €495
4. Veg 40x40 €495
5. Sunlight. 40x40 €495
6. Down the road. 30x30 €395
7. Masts. 30x30 €395
8. Martello. 40x40 €495
9. Shapes. 30x30 €395
11. Shadow. 30x30 €395
12. Joy. 40x40 €495