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Our 14th Artist featured in the Open to Art series is multi-media Artist Stephen Nolan from Wexford who exhibited in our Easter Snow Gallery in 2015.
The sources of Stephen’s paintings are various… as likely to reference popular culture as an obscure historical document, anything from an old map to a modern digital resource but the painting will be presented as a landscape (in any way that this word can be understood) that is they can always be said to describe a certain time, place or event from history as it is or was perceived by the Artist at the time of creation.
Stephen invites this awareness of ‘not knowing’, aiming for a point of synthesis to emerge between the Artist and the forms developing on the studio wall. Inspired by Hodgkin, Stephen likes to work on multiple paintings simultaneously, inviting a breakdown of meaning with the intent of questioning cultural ideas within the framework of history - ‘as history is constantly in flux we must employ a process similar to the ploughing of a field’ and we must continue to question the role of society and that of our own minds in the formation of the narrative. The fruit of these investigations into recurring themes of a shared history (as told through architecture) are always evident in the paintings, portraying life and death through the buildings and spaces that are left behind and through the universal language of paint and the hand made, Stephen explores the concept of civic society and examines the tensions that are present in the environment.
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