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Our 15th Artist featured in our Open to Art Series is Catherina Hearne. Catherina exhibited in The Easter Snow Gallery in 2019.
"These images are a combination of completed work (It Starts with a Dream), most recently exhibited in the Abbey Arts Centre, Strabane, Northern Ireland but unfortunately the exhibition was cut short by lockdown!

The other photos show a series of works in progress where I am experimenting with painted constructions. This is a new development which allows me to combine my interest in sculptural and painting languages and is at an early stage but I am excited by the possibilities that are emerging - not sure where it will bring me but the journey will be interesting!"
"Catherina Hearne gives us abstract art in its most labyrinthine form. Early theologians equated the visual with the ethical, beauty representing good, and its ugly counterpart evil. Hearne’s paintings hark back to the medieval Islamic artists who believed in the divine power of mathematics. Hearne's talent is to combine jewel-like colours and intricate patterns in canvases that transfix."
Ros Drinkwater, Arts Critic, Sunday Business Post

It Starts with a Dream - €1,800.00
Other art pieces are works in progress and not currently for sale.

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