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The 13th Artist to be featured in our Open to Art series is Judy Carroll Deeley who exhibited in our Easter Snow Gallery in 2018.
Judy Carroll Deeley is a professional artist and has a BA Hons. Fine Art (Painting) from NCAD, 2008, and an MA Hons. Visual Art Practices from IADT, 2011.
The series of paintings featured “Plantationocene” is concerned with the ‘animatedness’ of machines, their tendency towards obsolescence, and the pollution they can cause. A strong focus is the deconstruction and abandonment of agricultural and industrial plant that leak oil and chemicals into waterways and into the earth, with adverse consequences for the health and livelihoods of local communities. Left to decay and rot, they appear to mutate, to ‘grow’ or to play host to organisms that alter their form and function. Carroll Deeley envisions the appearance of mutation, not only in worn-out or discarded machines, but also in humans and animals that fall foul of their leaks and residues.
Aidan Dunne (Ticket, The Irish Times, Feb 22nd 2020) said
‘In her lush, carefully considered paintings, Judy Carroll Deeley considers machines, industrial and agricultural, almost as a distinct living species, subject to mutation and evolution. They make up a species at the service of humans and one that progressively degenerates the atmosphere as they decay’.
During this Covid period, Judy is further developing this work. Capitalocene, a new series, is about the impact Capitalism is having on our environment and thus on our cultural, social and economic everyday lives.
Being indoors has prompted her to return to interiors and a number of her new large-scale interiors can be seen on her website. She is also engaged in an on-going project 'A Family Story'.
See more of Judy’s work on her new website
No 1 - €1,300
No 2 - €900
No 3 - €1,200
No 4- €900
No 5- €900
No 6- €900
No 7- €560
No 8- €960
No 9 -€1,100