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The fifth artist featured in our Open to Art series is Mary Breach, originally from Kilsallaghan, Co. Dublin but now living in Sneem, Co. Kerry.
Painting came naturally and intuitively to Mary despite a background in science, Latin and maths. After her success in the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Oireachtas and three solo shows in The Oisín Gallery Dublin, a creative block of five years brought Mary to her knees, but also proved to be the greatest gift.
The images you see here, ‘Songs of Myself’ (the call home), were completed in France last Summer. They speak of “the unspeakable longing which haunts all of us sooner or later when things fall apart. We search the highways and byways of life for wisdom and beauty already inside. The paradox is, however, the “arrival home” is parallel with our journey and simultaneously present in each waking moment. No matter how far the pendulum swings and boy can it swing, the centre is always unchanging.”- Mary Breach
When things fall apart, incredible opportunity is present! Carpe Diem!

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(all works mixed media on paper )

Song 1. THE WAKE-UP CALL (moments of clear vision) 20x28 cm
Song 2. THE CALL GOES OUT (to everyone – listen). 16x20 cm
Song 3. THE GREAT LOVE SONG (the human spirit rising) 16x20 cm
Song 4. POISE 12x7 cm
Song 5. THE EMPTY VESSEL (receiving) 11x15 cm
Song 6. HIDDEN TREASURE (waiting) 10x12 cm
Song 7. THE RETURN (to me) 11x16 cm
Song 8. WELCOME HOME 9x12 cm
Song 9. WELCOME HOME (2) 9x12 cm
Song 11. FALSE FACE GONE (no one to please anymore) 10x15 cm
Song 12. OVER-FLOWING (free) 11x15 cm