The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Sunday, October 11th 2020:


Calligraphy Workshop

Join Liz for a three hour hands-on workshop, where you will learn the basics of modern brush lettering and more.  

As a class you will practice both uppercase and lowercase alphabet by breaking down the connections to each letter in a word. At the end of the three hours, the student will have a finished project (calligraphy piece).

This workshop includes all the materials needed to get started, including:

• Brush Pen Set (2 pens with a hard and soft nib)

• Personal Workbook printed on premium quality paper: (lowercase and uppercase alphabet sheet guide, practice worksheets, common words, and tips and techniques).

This workshop requires no prior experience in calligraphy or lettering. All supplies needed are included in the workshop.  

Suitable for adults and teenagers 14+

Doors Open: 11:00am
In advance: €55

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