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Monday, July 27th 2020 to Tuesday, September 29th 2020:


Exhibition by Kate Molloy

Kate Molloy (b.1987, Limerick) is a practising artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. 

She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014, with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice. In January 2020, Kate participated in a week-long residency at Cill Rialaig Art Residency, Co. Kerry. Having spent a year working and practicing art in New Zealand, her first international solo exhibition Controlled Emotion opened at Skinroom, Hamilton (NZ) in 2019. Molloy has exhibited work throughout Ireland and the U.K and was shortlisted for the Beers London Contemporary Visions VI, in 2015.

This exhibition attempts to explore feelings of intuition and uncertainty that manifest during creative practice. The atmosphere and setting of the artists’ studio are crucial to the outcome of the work. This is illustrated through the subtle connections formed between the pieces. To emphasize the visceral and poetic qualities of the medium, specific attention is given to a controlled use of colour, gesture and repetition. Often the work moves outside the frame by incorporating plasticine, clay and printmaking to explore varying techniques of paint. This is then combined with a sensitive and honest treatment of each surface.

An interview with the Artist, Kate Molloy, about her exhibition of new work is available on our SEAC YouTube Channel.

There will be a virtual tour of this exhibition available online closer to the exhibition date.  

A catalogue of this exhibition is available to view online here

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