The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Saturday, March 21st 2020:


Shadows & Light
In line with official guidance, the SEAC will remain closed until midnight on the 29th of March until further notice. Please stay safe and well.
Shadows and Light make a welcome return to the Séamus Ennis Arts Centre; where they filled the venue and were rewarded with a standing ovation.

Now a four-piece, with percussionist Dave McCune adding extra sparkle and energy, the combination of Maura Vambeck on vocals, David Mulligan on vocals and guitars, and Paul Enright on keyboards - brings Joni’s music to a whole new level. While their performances are true to the originals and to the spirit of Joni, they succeed in bringing something new, alive and fresh - making the genius of Joni’s words and music more present and relevant to us today.

By recounting wonderful little stories between the songs, and highlighting lyrics from the songs - the show becomes more than just the captivating and beautifully-performed songs - Maura brings us on a magical tour through Joni’s life, from her early and troubled beginnings, to the Blue album, through her various and famous lovers, the Woodstock years, acute observations on American life, on touring, her heartbreaks and joys, and the poignant story of her daughter. We navigate around musical genres too - as Joni did - weaving from folk to jazz, pop and even orchestral.

If you know a bit of Joni, you will love this. If you know no Joni, you’re in for a treat.

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