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Saturday, February 1st 2020:


**Due to phenomenal demand, we’ve added a 2nd date on Friday January 31st! Please book early in advance to avoid disappointment**

NoCrows is a dynamic folk orchestra from the multicultural melting pot of Sligo’s music scene. Formed in 2005, NoCrows’ growing output of original material reflects its diverse musical roots, from Irish traditional to Latin rumba, classical, jazz, rock and Balkan music. Audiences have been astonished by the unequalled width of the band’s original repertoire, from delicate Irish airs to Russian Gypsy mayhem, from Catalan Jota to original songs in many styles with lush string arrangements. The musical mix reflects the folk traditions of the various members but also a lifetime of experience of the various players involved across many genres of music.

NoCrows are;

Felip Carbonell - Guitar, Percussion, Voice
Ray Coen - Guitar, Fiddle, Voice
Anna Houston - Cello, Mandolin, Voice
Eddie Lee - Double Bass, Electric Bass, Voice
Oleg Ponomarev - Violin, Voice
Steve Wickham - Fiddle, Mandolin, Viola, Voice

NoCrows have a history of musical collaborations over the years. Their third album, 'On the Moon', had more than twenty guests including Sharon Shannon, jazz drummer David Lyttle, Greek Oud player Haig Yazdjan and French singer Cali. They have toured around the world, confirming their exhilarating live reputation far beyond Ireland's borders. Audiences have been enthralled with the sheer energy of the band when performing live, a feeling they wanted to hear reflected on a NoCrows album. A band to give their listeners what they want, NoCrows released a new live album last summer. 'Escape' is a combination of fan favourites and new tunes, including collaborations with Lisa Lambe and Martin Tourish. The newest members of the NoCrows-collaborations-club.

“Escape captures in glorious technicolour some of the heat and light that is NoCrows …fearless and forever adventurous in their quest for musical expression. A glorious melee that lures the listener in from the get-go.” - Irish Times Oct 2019

“When an LP is as finely recorded as this, with such sparkling musicianship, there’s
nothing much to do but luxuriate in it ..almost a full hour of classy music that takes you here, there and everywhere,
evoking a full bag of emotions along the way.” - Hot Press Sept 2019

“…notes and harmonies and counter melodies flying about like acrobats and
trapeze artists and fire-breathers all dancing to a finely choreographed frenzy of
fun.” - Irish Music Magazine Sept 2019

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €20 / €16
At the door: €22 / €18


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