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Friday, May 24th 2019:


John Carty & Cathal McConnell Séamus Ennis Centenary Celebrations
John Carty & Cathal McConnell Séamus Ennis Centenary Celebrations
Grab your place for one of those rare nights people will remember for decades and absentees claim sagely to have attended. Two very different, but wonderfully complimentary performers, Cathal and John will charm your musical soul.

Born in London and living now in Ireland, fiddle, banjo & flute player John Carty has been entertaining and astounding audiences worldwide for decades. His open, deceptively-relaxed style masks a great depth and complexity that keeps giving the more your attention focuses. His 2003 winning of the TG4 Gradam for Musician of the Year was warmly welcomed by his fellow Irish musicians. John has recorded extensively and performs both as a solo player, in duet with Matt Molloy, and as part of John Carty’s Festival Band, At the Racket and Patrick Street. Recent releases include Out of the Ashes with Matt Molloy, and Settle Out of Court with Maggie Carty on banjo and vocals. John arranged the Irish music in the film Brooklyn.

From his earliest days in Fermanagh, founder member of The Boys of the Lough, Cathal McConnell, has collected, performed and shared songs and continues to entertain and share his love of music and song, whether it be in concert halls or amongst friends in kitchens or remote pub sessions. In addition to his musical gifts, Cathal has a good grasp of understatement and self-effacement. He would be the worst person to write his own publicity material, probably limiting it to a couple of sentences saying that he played the flute and whistle and might perhaps even mention that he sings a bit…

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €10

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