The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Saturday, February 16th 2019:


Jim Page
Jim Page was born in California in 1949 and grew up into the 1960’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. The politics and social awareness were a part of everything that was going on and it has stayed that way in Jim’s music ever since. Jim got his start in the bars and coffee houses of the lower Bay Area in 1966.
On New Years day of 1970 he headed to New York City by thumb, arriving one frozen day in January with a broken fleece lined jacked and 34 cents in his pocket. He soon borrowed a guitar and started hitting the clubs of Greenwich Village, sometimes playing as many as three in the same night.
It was in Ireland that Christy Moore first heard Jim’s song “Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette,” and made it a permanent part of his repertoire. As of this writing Jim continues to write and to perform and to experiment with form and ensemble, and his songs continue to be pertinent and expressive of our times.
To quote the late Utah Phillips: “If you’re ever going to get the message, this is the messenger to get it from.”

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €16 / €13
At the door: €18 / €15


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