The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Saturday, December 8th 2018:


Shadows & Light
The three-piece group Shadows and Light bring their captivating show on the iconic singer – songwriter Joni Mitchell to The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre. Their stunning interpretations of her music are played by vocalist Maura Vambeck, Dave Mulligan on guitar and Paul Enright on keyboard.

The show features songs from the huge Joni repertoire, including classics from the landmark ‘Blue’ album, along with some of the lesser known numbers like Hejira, Secret Place and Hissing of Summer Lawns. Maura weaves stories of Joni's life and lyrics around the songs making their hypnotic performance truly special.

They bring you Joan Anderson, the poet, artist and mother. If you like Joni, you will love this. If you’re new to Joni, you’ll love this too.

“An unquestionable highlight of this year’s festival was the performance of Joni Mitchell’s material by Shadows and Light. A sold out Black Box was held enthralled for over two hours by Joni Mitchell’s wonderful songs and the audience rose to their feet at the end in appreciation.” - Sean Kelly, Director of the Out to Lunch Festival, Belfast

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €16 / €13
At the door: €18 / €15


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