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Saturday, May 2nd 2015:


Pierce Turner
“Easily one of the most important Irish rock artists of the last twenty years” – The Irish Times

Whether as a singer or songwriter or performer, Pierce Turner has a penchant for the unexpected and the unorthodox, re-writing the rules for all three endeavours. Sometimes he performs from behind his trusty keyboard backed by a solo instrument (sax, maybe, or violin or trombone!). Or he can be out front-of-house clambering over tables and ordering drinks from the bar. In the middle of a song!

His albums too are equally mercurial, showing influences ranging from his Catholic Irish upbringing to the decadence of Lou Reed's New York, merging the upfront rock of The Byrds, The Beach Boys and The Who to deft touches of Irish trad, folk, jazz, techno, classical and choral harmonies.

Turner grew up in the port-town of Wexford where his mother ran a record shop and led her own band. Like all his siblings he was classically trained, and his fondest early memories are of singing in the annual plainchant festival. By seven, he was a member of a traditional Irish tin whistle group, and at eight, he was playing in a brass and reed orchestra.

His first professional job was as a musician with the pop showband The Arrows. He later moved to New York and formed The Major Thinkers with fellow Wexfordian Larry Kirwan (now the front man of Black 47) and recorded several acclaimed albums.

Don't miss a rare chance to experience this exiled Irish performer with his stunning songbook and his legendary stage presence.

“He has created what I confidently believe to be the finest body of work in contemporary Irish music, bar none.” - Liam Fay, The Sunday Times

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €16 / €13
At the door: €18 / €15


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