Ron Block & Damien O’Kane with Aoife Scott

Saturday 15th Oct 2022
  • Music


Ron Block & Damien O’Kane are widely regarded as two of the greatest exponents of the banjo, they have collaborated to create arguably their own genre, something never heard before!


“Damien’s sense of piston-like drive and Ron’s stately tone and string-bending accuracy mix to create a confluence of the perfect banjo. The other respected musicians dance around them and give them the space to chase, harmonise, or counter each other throughout this experiment. It works. It all works. Listen to it and see if you agree with me” – Jerry Douglas


Damien and Ron started working on a new record in April 2019. They recorded a bunch of tracks and met up again at Pure Studios to record more in November 2019 after a tour in the UK. The men had planned to finish the record in April 2020, but a certain global pandemic got in the way!  They will release their new record in June 2022.  A real treat for banjo lovers worldwide, they will tour the UK and Ireland in 2022 showcasing another masterclass on tenor and bluegrass banjos and how their respective traditions meet and unite in perfect and thrilling harmony.


Aoife Scott comes from the musically renowned Black Family (her mother is Frances Black and her Aunt, Mary Black) and her last album was produced by Ron Block (Alison Krauss and Union Station) and recorded between Nashville and Dublin.


One of Ireland’s best Folk Artists second only to the legendary Christy Moore and up there with Lankum as voted by the readers of HOTPRESS music magazine 2021.

Following her highly celebrated debut album, Carry the Day, which was triumphantly launched at Temple Bar Tradfest in 2016 to rapturous acclaim, Aoife Scott released her much anticipated second album Homebird in January at the Temple Bar Trad Festival 2020.

Homebird is an impressive collaboration featuring the best of Irish folk musicians and Grammy award winning Bluegrass musicians.  It is in many ways a turning point in her musical legacy.