Petal Moments by Nicola Lynch Morrin

Wednesday 6th Apr 2022 - Tuesday 31st May 2022
  • Exhibition

The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre presents ‘Petal Moments’, an exhibition of watercolours and etchings by artist and printmaker Nicola Lynch Morrin.

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from 10am -4.00 p.m.
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Nicola creates portraits of flowers which she sees, not as mere decoration, but as distinct personalities. Their mystery and evocative power are a secret world she strives to penetrate. Her flower portraits attempt to capture and celebrate the delicacy, transparency, and transitory effects of petal moments.  This allows the viewer to contemplate the fragility and continual beauty of life itself.

“My work has its origins in where I am – my surroundings, my garden. It is inspired by the natural world – its beauty, its hospitality, its contrasts, its surprises. I work in a close-up realist mode, magnifying my subject which is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and an intense richness of colour. Despite an adherence to realism my work reaches beyond superficial appearances to imply hidden narratives. It strives to apprehend the spectator so that they stop, look and become captivated by my subject. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light – to rediscover the beauty of the everyday – a flower, a leaf. I have learnt that what I have not drawn, I have not really seen.

I create portraits of flowers. I see flowers not as mere decoration, but as distinct personalities. The more we know about flowers the less mute and silent they become. The more we quite ourselves to truly look at them the more secrets they reveal. And they have fascinating stories. The ephemeral nature of flowers has been used as a metaphor for the human condition.  Their mystery and evocative power has been a secret world I have always wanted to penetrate. I try to open myself to their universe – to discover some inner essence that helps crystalize their uniqueness. What I find amazes me. Flowers are a celebration of life’s transitory and fragile beauty. In my flower portraits I allow the viewer to contemplate the poignancy, fragility and continual beauty of life itself. Savouring my subject matter I try to reveal the beauty and fascination of the ordinary and present each image as a jewel to be treasured.” Nicola Lynch Morrin

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha