Ní Fheicfimíd A Leithéid Arís (We’ll Not See His Likes Again). A Séamus Ennis Documentary

Friday 17th Sep 2021 - Monday 20th Sep 2021
  • Music
Pat Mitchell – Ní Fheicfimíd A Leithéid Arís
(We’ll Not See His Likes Again)
One in a series of events originally recorded during 2019, celebrating what would have been the 100th Birthday of legendary Irish musician, singer, linguist, raconteur, broadcaster, folklore collector & archivist, Séamus Ennis.
Pat Mitchell began playing pipes at the age of 21. Initially self-taught through research and recordings of Séamus Ennis and Willie Clancy, his early association with Breandán Breathnach introduced him to the wonderful piping recorded circa 1900. Breandán’s use of Connemara songs in the ranganna Gaeilge he conducted in 1970 influences Pat’s air playing to this day.
1976 saw that research and practice of previous years bear fruit in the release of an LP on the Topic label, along with the publication by Mercier Press of ‘The Dance Music of Willie Clancy’, a detailed examination and transcription of the great piper’s playing. In 1986, along the same lines and in association with Jackie Small, he published ‘The Piping of Patsy Touhey’.
An admirer of Séamus Ennis’ playing for many years, Pat met him often in the late 1960s on Séamus’ regular visits to the Royal Oak pub in Glasnevin. These occasions, along with Séamus’ annual Tionóil performances, gave Pat the opportunity to study his technique at first hand, leading eventually to the 2007 publication of ‘The Dance Music of Séamus Ennis’.

Pat has contributed articles to An Píobaire, Dal gCais and the Seán Reid Society Journal along with entries on piping and transcriptions for Fintan Vallely’s ‘Companion to Traditional Irish Music’ (2010).

This event, as part of #SÉAMUS100: Séamus Ennis Centenary Celebrations, took place on June 28th 2019 at Malahide Library, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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