I Remember, I Remember: A Séamus Ennis Documentary

Friday 17th Sep 2021 - Monday 20th Sep 2021
  • Music

One in a series of events originally recorded during 2019, celebrating what would have been the 100th Birthday of legendary Irish musician, singer, linguist, raconteur, broadcaster, folklore collector & archivist, Séamus Ennis.

In ‘I Remember, I Remember’ Len Graham shares some musical memories from his journey in the Ulster Song Tradition. County Antrim born Len Graham has been a full-time professional traditional singer since 1982.

From the early 1960s he sought out and recorded older singers such as Eddie Butcher and Joe Holmes.

Poet and writer Ciarán Carson says, “By definition, any traditional Irish singer is obliged to the past, but he assimilates the songs in the here-and-now, and remakes them in his own voice, continually. Those who know Len Graham’s singing will recognise artistry and the spontaneity of his voice; but there is no spontaneity without recollection. To be here, you must have been there; and Len has, many times.”

Over the years, Len has collaborated and worked with numerous musicians, poets and storytellers but especially late Joe Holmes and the John Campbell. His association with John Campbell brought storytelling and song to a world audience.

Len’s extensive repertoire of Irish songs covers the whole gamut of themes and human experience as portrayed in early classic ballads, broadside ballads, local songs, come-all-ye’s, lyric folksongs, music hall pieces; songs on politics, murder, love, emigration and much more.

This event, as part of #SÉAMUS100: Séamus Ennis Centenary Celebrations, took place on August 30th 2019 in Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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