Glass Painting Workshop

Sunday 15th Aug 2021
  • Workshops & Classes

We are delighted to welcome award winning artist Denise Hogan who will give a Glass Painting Workshop.
Participants will learn how to play with light and form and to explore the versatility of the delicately translucent paint on glass. Denise will supply a wealth of templates and designs for both 2D and 3D pieces for students use and participants are encouraged to bring along their own ideas for designs.

Students will take home a completed polished edge 8″ X 8″ glass panel and the 3D piece is a 24% lead crystal candle votive (as in picture).

Denise will supply handouts for everybody to take home to encourage further independent practise of the craft/art.
Denise will also bring samples of her own works and images of works in use e.g. interior commission works, large scale glass panels, ballroom table designs etc.

This workshop is suitable for adults aged 17+years
The workshop will take place in our outdoor covered courtyard.
All materials will be supplied to create two pieces during the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring additional glass items (e.g. wine glasses).