October – November

Terry Fitzgerald is a self-taught watercolour artist based in Co. Louth. She grew up in central Pennsylvania, USA and came to Ireland 13 years ago after living in the Netherlands and England. Always interested in art, and more specifically watercolours, it was not until she joined an artist’s group in Co. Cork that her gift began to emerge. Through her watercolours, she tells stories of the hidden beauty of everyday objects and simple expressions of life. These images include still life, wildlife, landscape, and portraiture.

“I like to look at simple things and then try to paint them, in a realistic way. After I have painted several images, I then try to find a connection, a link, a thread that brings them together. It could be the colour of the object, it could be the light, or it could be the moment. I love making these connections and then creating a simple story. Through my paintings and the simple messages, I want to touch the viewer in a way that evokes a memory or a story of their own.”