June – July

Sorca O’Farrell is a landscape artist from Howth, Co. Dublin.
She attended D.L.A.D.T. and N.C.A.D., receiving an honours degree in Fine Art, and continuing to complete a H .Dip, with distinction.Recent awards include the Drawing Prize at the Royal Ulster Academy exhibition 2017, and the Hamilton Gallery award at Cairde Visual 2016.

“What exists in a place? In my work, I revisit the same setting again and again. Not just for its stark beauty, not just for the peace and peaceful sounds, not just for its layers of light and dark and texture; there is something else here too. Memories play a role in how all places make us feel, but I am not expressing mere memories through my art any more than I am simply recreating a landscape. I am interested in going further. There is an essence to place that goes far beyond what the eye can see, beyond what we can touch. The people I love and the people I have loved and lost were here. My parents were here. My childhood was here. My future is here, too. And in the timeless nature of art, all of these essences are present not only in memory, they are layered into the very fabric of the reality of what this place means to me. They are woven into the essence of the work that I create. This is why I will always re-visit this place.” – Sorca O’Farrell