June – July

Stephen Nolan is a Wexford born painter living and working in Gorey, Co. Wexford. His paintings are colourful statements on modern Irish culture and the physical world he inhabits. Using a mix of considered geometric forms contrasting with bold expressive brushwork he achieves an offbeat dynamism in his compositions, while accenting the paintings with little islands of fine detail, he likes to create pieces that lend themselves to thought and contemplation. His paintings are created on a modest scale, created on stretched canvas pulled taut over wooden panels. In this way he achieves an overall aesthetic that subtly moves the meaning away from the image into the domain of the Art object and the ‘handmade’. While simultaneously use of strong colour means that when grouped together these paintings create a joyfully colourful gallery environment filled with multiple points of interest that creates a fascinating visual experience for the viewer. Loaded with humour the paintings are witty remarks on Ireland and what it means to be Irish, all set in an interesting display of beautiful Objet d’art for the gallery visitor to spend time with and reflect on at their leisure.