February – March

Eileen McNulty is an Irish Artist inspired by the island of Ireland. Her signature style brings the landscape alive with unique contemporary Textile Art.

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Undergrowth runs from February 7 – March 31st.
The Easter Snow Gallery is  open to the public 7 days a week
from 10am -4.00 p.m.

‘My love of art and crafts and traditional techniques throughout the years have brought me to this point in my art career. I prefer to use natural fabric in my work where possible and Irish tweed, cotton and linens are popular features in my most recent work. These fabrics are carefully selected and then sewn together on my sewing machine. I use a combination of traditional techniques that I have learned over time with new and exciting ones to create my art. My thread has now become my drawing tool and my fabrics have become my artist palette. When I start a piece of work I have an idea in my head of what it will look like, then I start sewing and the fabric and stitch take on a life of their own. It evolves and directs me to where it wants to go.’

In this body of work, Eileen takes inspiration from Irish folklore tales of Fairy Trees being gateways to other worlds. Using her carefully selected fabrics she creates the underground worlds beneath the Fairy Trees.

McNulty’s work is showcased in several national exhibitions such as Showcase Ireland, Art Source and The Knitting and Stitching shows across Ireland. Eileen’s work can be purchased in stores around Ireland and in the USA, and has been featured in galleries such as the Bill Clinton Library and Museum at Little Rock in the city of Arkansas, The Castlemartyr House Gallery in Cork, The Art House on Achill Island and The Design Loft in Powerscourt House.