August – September

Joint Exhibition:

The entire exhibition is available to view on our online gallery . Take a virtual tour or you can view it in person, safely, in the Easter Snow Gallery by appointment. Please email Colette at to arrange a suitable date and time.

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Title:  Watery Depths

Isabelle Gaborit is a contemporary artist, though her preferred medium Encaustics, is ancient.   In her studio located on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, County Clare, she has rekindled the ancient painting process of Encaustics, an immediate and tactile painting method using molten pigmented beeswax.

This exhibition is inspired by the vast sea, not just for its beauty, but also its metaphorical potential, stirring within us awe and fear, deeply rooted in our unconscious.   The raking motion of the deep, with her raw, elemental feel evoke a sense of greatness, something higher than ourselves.

In this new body of work, Isabelle explores the universal themes of flow embedded in our connection to the deep waters.  In her work, Isabelle seeks both the inner and outer world from beneath the dream-like layers of semi-transparent layers of molten pigmented beeswax, and tries to build a unique point of reference in her quest to grasp that elusive wave, perpetually in motion.

Isabelle completed a BA Art and Design and BFA Honours Degree in GMIT Galway and has exhibited all over Ireland.


Sallyanne returned to Ireland in 2019 after 17 years abroad and is currently finding her artistic feet as a sculptor in Bettystown, Co. Meath.

She began working in glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC) after college as an alternative to ceramics.  The cement is either directly applied to armature and ferrous materials or is cast from clay.  Included sometimes are other materials such as marble dust; engraved inks and pigments as well as fabric; text and indentations.

Sallyanne has worked as a community artist in ‘Common Ground’, Ireland as well as with Respond Housing Association.  Morgan taught ceramics to young adults in Phnom Penh and facilitated a cement workshop in KCAC, Kathmandu University. She has had solo exhibitions in Malta and Phnom Penh.

She has a passion for craftmanship and likes using industrial materials to make objects with emotional value.  She works in themes, and rather than a linear research pattern, tends to crosshatch ideas around identity and perception, using primarily the female form.

*3D gallery footage courtesy of Marcus Casey.