August – September

Phil, Morag and Ted are Scotland’s finest landscape and abstract photographers who have exhibited around Europe with great success. This photographic exhibition has been inspired by Water. It exhibits the culmination of their explorations into the Southwest Scottish heartland and a personal study of the life-giving force. Water has long been an inspiration for art across many different disciplines spanning the centuries. What better subject than one that transforms endlessly and provides a mirror for light and landscape. The sounds and atmosphere around water are also associated with emotional responses in humans; the crash of a stormy sea, gently lapping waves, the constant babbling of a burn. Ted, Morag and Phil set out on journeys through their local landscape to investigate these qualities and to try to capture the many forms water can take. They did this by carefully selecting sections of watercourses to attempt to depict its force, power, form and structure. The resulting images demonstrate both common and disparate interactions with water in their own individual graphic styles.