April – May

Recently considered for the East End Painting Prize, London, Leonard Sexton received an equivalent Bachelor of Art and Design from D.I.T. Dublin in 1987, majoring in painting. He cites conversations with the painter Patrick Graham as forming the major part of this training. In a career spanning nearly thirty years as a full-time painter, he has exhibited in England, Ireland and the US and has had work shown at major Art Fairs. His work forms a part of many private collections. His Broken Halo series completed in 2008, is housed in part of Dublin’s UCD University. Since then his painting has tried to personalize and draw comparisons between certain social and political ideals. Titles of bodies of work from the last decade include ‘The Ballad of Arthur Mac Bride’, the negotiating of lives; ‘Images from the Life of a Dancer’, their connection to the world outside; ‘The over Familiar’, the inclusion of all in one space; ‘A Matter of Unsustainable Weight’, depicting the structures and weakness of mankind; ‘A London Room’, the awareness of waiting and what we do in time, and currently a large body of work influenced by the text of Dante’s Inferno. He was selected to paint RADA, exhibited at the National Theatre for Buro Four and included in the selected group representing Irish Art at Westminster Hall.

BRETH OF NATURE – These paintings, developed in a corner of the studio over a number of years have become a diary, giving a visual voice to the spirit of Fingal. “They attempt to develop what I see and carve it into the actuality of consciousness.”