April – May

Thomas Brezing’s exhibition is entitled ‘I Am A Painter I Love You’. Thomas Brezing was born in Germany in 1969 and moved to Ireland in the 1990’s. Thomas works in installation, painting, performance and video. For this exhibition he will be showing a selection of small scale paintings. These works are loosely landscape orientated, or, the base for each work starts with the notion of landscape and location, woods, water, in some cases the human presence and how we interact with our environment and respond to it. The paintings are not planned out or pre-conceptualised as the actual act and pleasure of painting takes over and chance and looseness plays as much a role as concrete thinking while paint is pushed around, scraped off, made flow, thrown, fixed, removed, restored etc. building up the layers. All through this process the paintings resist closure as – the paintings and the painter – strive towards a totality, impossible to achieve. “Reflecting through the lens that is my art practice I have realised a painting can therefore never be an answer, we have to accept its failure and understand its futility.”