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Arzan & Guests

An enchanting evening of folk music!


Doors Open: 20:00
Show Starts: 20:30

More Details: This event is an outdoor seated event under our iconic TSEAC canopy. Full bar and snacks available.

TSEAC are delighted to welcome the amazing Arzan & Guests to kickstart our summer Garden Party!

In this spectacular folk music event, we welcome the combined musical talents of Arzan, Naad Japa and Les Bêtes Curieuses to the TSEAC stage.

In this enchanting combination of sound, we experience a vast range of instruments including double bass, various drums, keyboards, mandola, mandolin, wind instruments and captivating vocals which together harmoniously combine each musicians own individual musical styles and backgrounds to take us on a journey of imagination and curiosity.


Arzan bring folklore to life through music with their original compositions and selection of wood instruments and when mixed with the beat of ancient drums, this group don’t fail to miss a beat when it comes to transporting the audience into a world of enchantment!

Naad Japa joins Arzan to further enhance the experience with some fierce tribal beats and Les Bêtes Curieuses (The Curious Beasts) insane talents on the strings succeed in adding extra dimension to an already mesmerising experience!


Come take an immersive musical journey with us and experience folk music like never before! Enchanting music and folklore delivered under the stars in our iconic outdoor musical arena will prove to be a truly magical experience!

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