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Alcohol Ink Painting

With The Colourful Heartist


Doors Open: 14:00
Class Starts: 14:30
Workshop Duration: 2.5 hrs

More Details: This event is an outdoor art workshop set under the iconic TSEAC canopy. Our coffee shop will be open with a selection of drinks and snacks available.

As part of the Zen Garden, TSEAC presents an exclusive alcohol ink workshop led by Stacey O’Flanagan, The Colourful Heartist.

In this course Stacey will be taking you through the techniques used to create stunning alcohol ink pieces, featuring beautiful circles and chain bubble details. Alcohol ink is a vibrant and dynamic medium that is as fascinating as it is fun. You will learn about the best materials and substrates to use when working with the ink and gain confidence in your abilities to create unique pieces of art.

Stacey’s Ethos: “So many people admire art, but one of the saddest things I often hear people say is 'I’m just not creative' or 'I’m not artistic ' it breaks my heart. We are all creators! We were born of creativity. It is a fundamental part of us. Our power is in TAPPING into our creative force and it's something we are all capable of.  Art is only one expression of that creative flow, once you recognize the creative force you can decided to use it to create artwork. it belongs to us all. We all have beautiful art in us;  take the time to nurture it, be gentle with yourself as you explore the process, don’t be afraid to make 'bad' art. if you’re only beginning, do not get frustrated, instead enjoy the process of painting, be mindful of how the brush feels in your hand or how smooth the paint flows and how the colours blend. Let the process take you on a journey while you are REDISCOVERING your creative gifts. The skill and technical side will come if you give it the space it needs”

- Stacey O’Flanagan, the Colourful Heartist

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