Slow Session Tunes


Slow Session Tunes 


Tunes for May 2022  Session with links and Keys

(Where there are multiple versions of the tune on the session I have noted the one that will be played)


Emphasis on tunes not played from the list last month.

New Tunes added  = 2, 14 & 27


(Where there are multiple versions of the tune on the session I have noted the one that will be played)


JIG The Lilting Banshee/ My Darling Asleep, Key A minor Key D


Reels Cooley’s Key: E Minor

The Wise Maid Key: D


Hornpipe: Plains of Boyle/Cronin’s Key D Key G


Polkas: Jimmy Doyle’s/As I went out upon the Ice Key G Key A


Polkas The Ballydesmond Polkas Key A Minor KeyA Minor


JIG Saddle the Pony  Key G

The Geese in The Bog  Jig Key A minor Version 3


Reels: Miss McLeod’s’/The Mountain Road Version 3 G Key D


Dance: Shoe the Donkey Key G


Slides: The Cúl Aodh Key D

Con Cassidy’s Key G 1st Part, 2nd part D


Jig: The Lark in the Morning Key D


Hornpipe The Rights of Man        Key E Minor

The Harvest Home           Key D


An Gaoth Aneas (The South Wind Key G)


Reel Rolling in the Ryegrass/St Anne’s Key D Key D


Barndance  Con Cassidy’s Key D (notes given last month, not online)


New Tune

Jigs: The Blackthorn Stick/Humours of Glendart Key G Key D


Slide The Brosna Slide

Donal O Connor’s(also called The Scartaglen) Key G Key G


Jig Tripping up the Stairs

The Mist Covered Mountain Key D Key A Minor


Air Inisheer   Key G


Fling Some Say the Devil is Dead Key G


Jigs The Connaught man’s Rambles/ Out On The Ocean Key D Key G


Polkas: Britches full of stitches/ Egan’s Polka (3rd version on list Key G) (2nd version in Key G)


Jigs The Frost is all Over Key D

The Night of the Fair G (Version 8 Key D)


Reel The Concertina Reel/The Silver Speer Key D Key D



Jigs Donnybrook Fair (The Joy Of My Life), The Kesh, Key G Key G


Waltz: The Marino Waltz Key D


Reel: Over the Moor to Maggie Key G


Hornpipe: Off to California/ Boys of Blue Hill Key G Key D


Reels: O Connell’s Trip to Parliament/Charlie Harris’ Key D Key D


Reel: Mulqueen’s Key D


Jig: Jerry’s Beaver Hat/The Munster Butter Milk Key D Key G (version 1)


Slides Denis Murphy’s/The Keiser Key D Key D


Polka Paddy Cronin’s Key E Minor