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The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre (formerly The Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre) was officially opened on October 23rd 2001. 

Unveiling of bronze statue of Séamus Ennis, 24th Oct 2001

Our aims and objectives; to promote and develop the Arts on a local and regional basis, and to this end, we organise and host performances, cultural events, exhibitions, sessions, workshops and classes weekly.

The idea for a cultural centre in memory of Séamus Ennis has its origins in Scoil Shéamuis Ennis, a festival which takes place every October in the village of Naul and surrounding districts.

We are a 'non-profit' organisation set up to;

  • commemorate the work and life of the late Séamus Ennis
  • provide a range of support measures for the preservation and development of local and national culture particularly music
  • organise and facilitate events, including educational classes, workshops, festivals or any other activity which promotes the Irish language the traditional culture of Ireland, or any other country
  • to provide an outreach service to schools and other institutions
  • to create specific training, education, employment and work experience opportunities where appropriate for those involved or interested in cultural activities for community development.

We aim to provide our patrons and friends with an environment that showcases performances from local, regional, national and international artists across a range of genres.

Over the years, The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre has undergone extensive refurbishment to also become a unique venue for an array of special events... Concerts, Parties, Conferences, Charity Fundraisers, Cinema, Workshops & Exhibitions.

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A list of tunes used in our Slow Sessions
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Children/Young People/Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy
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Room Hire Policy

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